The Chef's Choice 
Chef's Choice 

For high-quality fresh produce, kitchen ingredients and catering food supplies in North Yorkshire YOU CAN DEPEND ON DALES 

Providing the fantastic ingredients behind perfect dishes, we offer a full supply, delivery and support service from our extensive distribution centre in Malton. Today, clients from every corner of the catering industry rely on us to provide the right, high quality ingredients and supplies, quickly and at a competitive price. 
Taking pride in the quality of the products and service we deliver, everything we do is designed with the needs of chefs in mind. Whether you operate a Michelin Star Restaurant or a care home canteen, we’ll provide a tailored service that’s built around the needs of your organisation. 
Choose Dales as your supply partner, and you’ll benefit from top quality produce, responsive service and dependable, professional support from a team of experienced greengrocers, professional chefs and distribution specialists. 
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Brades Farm Barista Milk 
'The Perfect Milk For Coffee' 
Brades original barista milk is quiet simply the perfect milk for coffee. The quality is more consistent, the latte art holds for longer, and most importantly, the taste is our of this world. You've not tasted coffee until you've tasted coffee with Original Barista milk! 
'Balance & Flavour' 
The sweetness in milk comes from the butterfat, but the national average butterfat in UK milk is just 3.9%. Brades found the flavour of coffee can be improved considerably by upping the butterfat content of the milk. Jerseys can produce milk with as high as 6% butterfat, but milk this sweet can overpower senses, and so after many iterations, Brades found the sweet-spot at 4.5% butterfat.  
Its the perfect balance of sweetness and flavour.  
'Latte Art' 
following work with leading Copenhagen-based coffee consultants, Brades can't to understand the role protein plays in the frothing of milk. Cows in the UK are bred to maximize yield at the expense of protein. Most dairies have no way to keep proportion of protein in their milk consistent. Baristas find consistent fluctuations in protein causes milk to perform unpredictably. Brades ensure there original Barista milk is always 3.6% protein, Which gives dependable consistency for beautiful latte art. 

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